Favorite place

I always loved the beach since I was a child. There is nothing like the fulfillment the beach brings with your toes in the sand, and nothing but the horizon in my perception. The sounds of the waves crashing, the smell of the salty atmosphere, and the relaxation you get from God’s beautiful creation. Throughout this essay I will get more into depth of why I have chosen the beach to be my favorite place to be. This essay will briefly describe my experiences, exposures, existences, and observations of my visits to the beach. The beach has always been my favorite place to go. It’s a great getaway from everyday life.

The beach is a whole different world then where I’m from in Tennessee. The smell of the air at the beach is so comforting and relaxing. There’s nothing like waking up every morning and smelling that salty water atmosphere on the ocean front property. I like to wake up early in the morning so I can catch that beautiful sunrise in the never-ending horizon with a nice cup of coffee in my hand. The beach is like a free spirited world. I have no worries in the world when I’m at the beach. My mind is always put at ease when I’m at the beach. There is no way you can wake up or be in a bad mood when you’re there.

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While lying out on that white sand listening to the amazing sounds of God’s creation is so peaceful and relaxing. Staring out into the horizon, letting your mind start wondering how far the waters go, or where it ends. I like seeing people have a good time, so watching all the different people do their own thing while having a blast puts a smile on my face. I like to take walks down the beach, and being adventurous when I’m there. There’s no better feeling then having the sand between your toes, and the water crashing onto shore, going over your feet. Night walks down the beach are very relaxing also.

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