Fast Food Restaurant

Fast Food Restaurant

Company Background MARRYBROWN, winner of numerous domestic and international franchise industry awards, is proudly Malaysian-owned and has over 30 years of franchise experience under its belt. The home grown fast food chain is currently the world’s largest Halal Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand originating from Asia. MARRYBROWN has a strong international presence with outlets operating in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Africa, the Middle East and Myanmar. The halal menu features a wide variety of tasty meals including Crispy Chicken, Delicious Satay

Burger, Nasi Marrybrown, Speciality Wrap, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Mi Kari, Chicken Porridge, finger foods, salads, fun fries and a range of hot and cold beverages and desserts – the only one of its kind in town and really ” something different ” for everyone. Marrybrown, was founded in 1981, as a restaurant company that operates and franchises Marrybrown restaurants, through 1 5 countries throughout Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Marrybrown is among the nation’s leading fast-food chains, with more than 130 quick-serving restaurants in Malaysia and more than 280 international restaurants.

As the first major fast-food chain to develop and expand the concept of “Something Different”experiences. Marrybrown has always emphasized on halal products serving millions of guests world-wide. As a winner of numerous awards, Marrybrown is fast expanding internationally ensuring that Marrybrown becomes a global food service organization and a worldwide brand. Marrybrown pioneered a number of firsts in the quick-serve industry. It was the first major fast-food chain that introduced menu items that are now staples on most fast- food menu boards, including Rice based products, Chicken Porridge, Sate burger and

Curry Kari. Today, Marrybrown offers a broad selection of distinctive, innovative products targeted at the fast-food consumer. Chicken represents the core of the menu, including the signature Lucky Plate, Chicken Porridge, Nasi Marrybrown the 100% Black Pepper Chicken-A-Licious. And, because value is important to fast-food customers, the company also offers value-priced products on “All-Time snacks,” including muffins, burgers. The company vision is “To be a national restaurant company of most admired brand – through the power of our people and our culture”. The core values and mission are simple:

Passion for our brand Food Quality and Safety Continuous Improvement and Innovation Care & Respect and Personal Accountability Excellence in Customer Service High Standards in Personnel Growth and Development through Consistent Training Excellence through High Q. S. C. V Company History 1981 – First fast-food brand local restaurant opened in Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia. 1986 – Launch franchise system itself. Now, MarryBrown restaurant chain owned local subsidiary Malaysia. 1989 – Introducing MarryBrown rice and a fast food restaurant featuring first local flavour in Malaysia. 992 – MarryBrown open first nternational branch in China. 1994 – Chipmunk mascot was introduced. 1995 – Started a community service project with Kiwanis Malaysia. 1996 – First in Malaysia restaurant with interior design (introduced with swing seats). 1997 – Being the first local franchise was awarded the international franchise Malaysia, followed by other awards in subsequent year. 1998 – Recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records as the first local fast-food franchise. 1999 – Introduced Spicy Crisp Chicken Hotouch, penetrated the India market, opening the highest branch in Genting Highlands (located about 6000 feet above sea level). 00 – Penetrated the Middle East market. 2001 – Introduced satay dish. 2002 – Opened first MarryBrown restaurant in hospital Cohor Specialist HospitalJohor Bahru). 2003 – Introduced latest local tastes (chicken porridge). 2006 – First MarryBrown restaurant at the airport (Senai, Johor). 2008 – Penetrated the African continent. 2009 – Introduced latest local tastes (Curry Chicken Noodle and Satay Burger). 2010 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri NaJib Tun Razak officiated the 10th anniversary of MarryBrown, IJAE. 2011 – Celebrated 30 years of full-flavor and fun towards excellence. 2012 – Penetrated the Golden Land, Myanmar. 13 – Celebrated the 500th restaurant opened in Coimbatore, India (MarryBrown Race Course Road). Awards Malaysia International Homegrown Franchise of The Year Malaysia Franchise of The Year Entry in The Malaysia Book of Records As the First Malaysian Fast Food Franchise Most Promising Franchisor of the year Registered with the Franchise Development Programme Under the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, Malaysia A Pioneer member of the Malaysia Franchise Association A Member of the Malaysian Retailer Chains Association The Brandlaureate Award 2007 Food & Beverage, Fast Food

MARKETING STRATEGY Marketing Environment of MarryBrown: MarryBrown marketing environment differs in Malaysia and other countries because of its brand image. MarryBrown Brand image sounds better than its competitors in Malaysia but in other countries it does not have high brand image. Global competitors like McDonalds and KFC are targeting all types of customers in market but considering MarryBrown it highly targets halal food customers. In other case, MarryBrown is the only fast food chain serves rice base products and noodles in fast food industry which attracts Asians quickly.

Price hich separates MarryBrown from all other fast food chains because of its low price and high food quality. SWOT ANALYSIS 1. STRENGTH MarryBrown is Malaysian base fast food restaurant chain accomplished and maintained. One of the strength is they are high-standards food providing that oversteps opponents’ offerings in superiority, presentation of food, and price. As we can see marry-brown restaurant food presentation is unique and different from others. They try to differentiate between their product and the opponents’ product. For example they come out with Malaysian popular dish which is Nasi Lemak and Curry Mee.

This dish is not available in other fast food restaurant like KFC and McDonalds. The MarryBrown’s owner manages and running business has a combined 32 years’ experience working in the restaurant industry. Their experienced in manage the restaurant has make the workforce become flexible and high committed and very critical in making MarryBrown more productive, effectively and efficiently. 2. WEAKNESSESS In several factors, MarryBrown comes out with their own weaknesses that we discovered. A main weakness is administration teams’ several years of experience ay embrace norms that minimum amount of risk taken, and thus, prospective revenues.

It can be seen when their cultural norms that make some of the teams still not moving take a risk. This can be defined as the administration team Just follow what they have because they ignore to accept a new routine or new perspective. Thus it will effect on their revenues because they did not want to be flexible to variations in market trends. Other factors are low employee’s turnover. Their employees as we can see is Just still the same person and the number is less compared to other fast food restaurant. The lower number of employee can make their restaurant to be ineffective in produce something.

They are not come out with different ideas to make the restaurant to be more productive. 3. OPPORTUNITIES There is a rapid growth in tourism. Kuala Lumpur, a city state, is now becoming the metropolitan area, more than 10million tourists visiting yearly. This is a good sign and opportunity for MarryBrown to create more branches in new places. Moreover, there is opportunity on producing more innovative products by using the advanced technology today. The business processes can be shortened and services can be mproved too.

Next, there is significant growth opportunity with new distribution channels as consumers are requiring greater convenience when purchasing. MarryBrown can have more branches in urban area where consumers demanding more such as shopping malls, universities, hospitals and other high-traffic areas. 4. THREATS There are more opponents occur in the industry like Old Town, KFC, Wendys ,McDonald and any middle-range of sit-down restaurants. This intense competition provides consumer with best product at the lowest price leads to the squeezing of margins. Moreover, healthy issues have been concerned.

MarryBrown faces threats as the world is facing more obese problems. Customers may turn to alternative and shift their demand to more healthy and fresh food, avoiding all fried items. Furthermore, the declining economy is affecting the sales in MarryBrown. As many things went more expensive compare to previous era, disposable incomes that spend on eating out become lesser. Thus, there will be less sales and profits obtained. TABLE 1. 1 The importance of global strategy for international firms In the last twentieth century,many organizations started