Euthanasia good or bad with religious beliefs

Euthanasia good or bad with religious beliefs

Euthanasia will help putting people out of pain. If you were in there situation would you wish someone killed you? I definitely know I would. When somebodys life becomes only pain and misery, I think they deserve the right to kill themselves and if they need help in doing that then that should be allowed. When people are in unbearable pain and no hope in them ever getting better, if they choose the path of assisted suicide I fully believe that they should be supported by the country and not judged upon.

But is euthanasia murder? You are effectively murdering a person, taking their life. Murder is murder. When you help a person kill yourself you end all hope and chance of a happy ending. What if a cure is found the next day? It would be too late. Therefore euthanasia is wrong and murder. Many religions do not agree with euthanasia and some even forbid it. Many religious people believe in the sanctity of life. Christians are mostly against euthanasia.

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This is shown through the bible stating, “Life is a gift from God” this could show that Christians believe only god can give and take life away and life is a gift not to be wasted. “The process of dying is spiritually important, and should not be disrupted” this shows that the bible thinks hat death is for a reason and we should all die when God decides that our time on earth has come to an end. Catholics also describe euthanasia as being morally wrong.

The pope says, “Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God, since it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person” which shows that Catholic’s also believe that euthanasia is murder. In conclusion I believe that euthanasia is not murder as: the “victim” has chose for their life to end; it is helping the person by putting them out of pain and you are only doing what’s best for the victim.

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