Embarrassing experience

Embarrassing experience

“Auntie Liana! ” I stepped in the house in an elated mood of visiting my aunt’s house. But as I stepped in, I soon realized that something had gone wrong, the atmosphere was awkward. My aunt was talking about her favorite idol in enthusiasm, but the others, my cousin’s having awkward expression on their face , not knowing how to react to my aunt’s sudden “speech”. This reminds me of my first time bringing my friends home. It was an unforgettable experience. That day, after school, I brought my friends to my new house which had been renovated recently.

We chatted happily along the pathway walking towards my house. After they reached my house, greeted my mother, they went to my room for “heart-to- heart” session that I had long-awaited for. We sat in a circle, each hugging a cushion, sat comfortably. With a happy mood, we started to share top secrets which was hidden in our heart. Just then, my mum barged in our room, squeeze into the circle we formed and “Joined” our conversation. She said in an excited way “I’m the great fans of cowboys!!!!! I still remembered how they dance!!! Just then, she stood up and started aiming with her weird, funny and old-style movement. We were all shocked and amused but her action and do not know how to react. My mum’s action let me blushed and felt so embarrass that I hope could find a hole and hide in it. Doing nothing, but we Just tried to enjoy her “performance”. The day ended in an awkward atmosphere. Remembering my experience, I could not help but smile. Realized that everybody experience this. Although the action of my mum made me felt embarrass but this is also her way to express her love. I will never forget this experience.

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