Descriptive Writing: The Park

Descriptive Writing: The Park BY Lewts545 Descriptive Writing As you enter the park by pushing its big black gate you can hear the shouting of kids and the air is filled with the voices of people. On the left and right hand side there are many trees with people sitting under them reading books or having picnics. In front there is a path that goes straight and then divides into two, one going to the left and the other to the right. If you take the right path you could hear the shouting of hildren louder than before.

There are kids running here and there playing football in the big field yelling at each other to pass. You could taste the dust in your mouth. Straight ahead there is a big playground full of small children on the slides and roundabouts. You could smell the small pieces of wood that are all over the playground. There is a big blue see-saw in the middle of the playground and on the left of it is a red and green roundabout going round and round like the wheels of a car.

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If you had taken the left path you see a big cycling track that goes around the boundaries of the park under the big trees and ends up in a lap. Following the path you see a big lake with people fishing around it. The water is as dark as ink and indeed is very deep. You see children sitting in their father’s lap holding a fishing rod laughing and their fathers giving back a smile while holding the rod in case their children lost their grip. After crossing the big lake you end up in front of the same black gate that leads out to the main road.

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