Deconstructing yiddishland

(De)constructing Headlands: Solomon and Escallop’s Happenstance Abigail Wood In “(De)constructing Headlands: Solomon and Escallop’s Happenstance” Abigail Wood reviews the album Happiness, recorded by Sophie Solomon and Josh Dolling. In her article, Wood discusses how the album breaks boundaries by bringing sleeker music into the modern world. As well, she talks about how this album impacts the modern day Jew.

While Happenstance is a ‘mock wedding’ style music album, Abigail Wood shows how the album differs greatly from a traditional sleeker wedding album. Most sleeker wedding albums “have created programmer where the repertory and performance practice recreate as faithfully as possible a wedding that might have existed in a certain time and place in Eastern Europe” (Wood, 11). These albums, whether intentionally or not, form a stark contrast to modern day Jewish music. Happenstance on the other hand, does not try to reenact a wedding

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