curriculum vitae

curriculum vitae

Your Contact Information Name Address Telephone Cell Phonehroughout the 20th century, our views of life on other planets has drastically changed. It was once thought to be an impossibility, as all we had seen of space showed us a barren landscape unfit for anything we would recognize as life. But, in the 21st century, our telescopes continue to discover planets in what we deem “habitable zones,” the small bands in solar systems in which a planet’s temperature is ideal to support life. Planets such as the newly discovered Planet KOI 172. 02 may hold the key to discovering life outside of Earth.

Email Personal Information Date of Birth Place of Birth Citizenship Visa Status Gender Optional Personal Information Marital Status Spouse’s Name Childrenprogramming addictions – these addictions result from an individual’s desire to reprogram items or databases or to create new software excessively General Computer addictions – this the the result of an individual’s desire to play games such as solitaire or other games on the computer and does not generally include internet usage Internet Addiction – internet addiction is the result of an individual’s desire to pend time online performing any one of a number of tasks in excessive.

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Internet addiction has sub-categories that include: Internet compulsions – these may include compulsive shopping online, compulsive gaming online, compulsive gambling online or compulsive stock trading online Cybersex – this is a compulsive use of the internet to participate in internet sex through chat rooms, adult websites, fantasy role playing online or watching pornography Social Networking addictions – this is the addiction that results when an individual spends more time socializing online than they do socializing with people in real life.

These addicts will often find online relationships to be more meaningful than offline relationships. [4] Treatments for Computer Addiction[edit] Counseling and therapy – this may entail behavioral therapy such as CBT which will retrain the mind to perform different actions when it has certain thoughts. Counseling or therapy can also focus on treating underlying mental health conditions that caused the addiction such as anxiety, depression, social trauma or other conditions Group Support – many different options for group or community support are available to assist those who are addicted to computers.

Just getting out and interacting with others can be very rewarding to the computer addict. Changing Interests -one method of getting past a computer addiction is to focus on new interests. For instance, you might take part in a new gym membership, spend time at the movies with friends or go out for a walk. If you do feel that you must go onto the computer, consider talking yourself out of the computer use unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do go on the computer, make a plan for what you will do when on the computer, how long it will take and what time you will be off of the computer.

Placing these limitations on your computer usage when paired with therapy or counseling can lead to recovery from this difficult to cope with addiction. [5] Origin of the term[edit] British e-Learning academic Nicholas Rushby suggested in his 1979 book, An Introduction to Educational Computing, that people can be addicted to computers and suffer withdrawal symptoms. The term was also used by M. Shotton in 1989 in her book Computer Addiction. History[edit] There are examples of computer overuse dating back to the earliest computer games. Many NetNews users were considered obsessive[who? n the 1980s. [citation needed] Press reports have noted that some Finnish Defence Forces conscripts were not mature enough to meet the demands of military life, and were required to interrupt or postpone military service for a year. One reported source of the lack of needed social skills is overuse of computer games or the Internet. Forbes termed this overuse “Web fixations”, and stated that they were responsible for 12 such interruptions or deferrals over the 5 years from [7] See also[edit] Information addiction Internet addiction disorder Video game addiction Addiction

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