CrossFit North Port: Reach Your New Year’s Resolution Without Starving

CrossFit North Port: Reach Your New Year’s Resolution Without Starving

CrossFit North Port: Reach Your New Year’s Resolution Without Starving (1888 PressRelease) CrossFit North Port opens for business in January 2014, offering Southwest Florida a healthy way to stay in shape for the holidays. Sarasota-Bradenton, FL – CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program primarily geared toward enhancing flexibility, physical strength, and cardio-respiratory endurance. The work out routine utilizes time intervals, alternating between Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, and aerobic exercise.

CrossFit is a rapidly expanding community, which has attracted more than 10 million people around the world, according to CrossFit Inc. , roughly 60 percent of those being women. CrossFit North Port is now amongst the affiliated gyms that offers hour-long classes including a “warm-up, a skill development segment, the high-intensity workout of the day (or WOD), and a period of individual or group stretching. ” CrossFit North Port is a state of the art facility with top of the line equipment including Rogue Fitness gear.

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In addition to providing a child play room for children hile parents complete their WOD, CrossFit North Port offers a computerized tracking system called WODIFY that scores and/or ranks the performance of each WOD to encourage competition and tracks individual progress. Adam Tar, CrossFit North Port’s extremely fit and enthusiastic founder, is very passionate about the fitness program. According to Tar, “there is no better way to stay in shape, especially during the holidays. ” Better yet, “CrossFit North Port is a type of community, where special bonds are created that help motivate fitness goals, and orm long-lasting friendships. To put it simply, Tar says, “CrossFit North Port is truly life-changing. ” CrossFit North Port officially opens for business January 5, 2014, but will be offering a pre-launch class before the opening date. The gym hours and class schedule can viewed at their website. Sign up for a free introduction on CrossFit North Port’s website, and fulfill your New Year’s resolutions the healthy way. CrossFit North Port http://www. crossfitnorthport. com 1050 Corporate Avenue unit #108 North Port, Florida Ph: (941) 807-9529 wrww. PRManagementMentor. com

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