Contrasting Presentation of William Rivers and Doctor Lewis Yealland in Regeneration

Contrasting Presentation of William Rivers and Doctor Lewis Yealland in Regeneration

Explore the contrasting presentation of William Rivers and doctor Lewis Yealland in Regeneration In the novel ‘regeneration,’ Rivers and Yealland are characters who differ significantly in terms of their methods of treatment, relationships with their staff and patients. Barker defines and illustrates the dramatic difference between how each doctor treats their patients, Barker emphasises on Rivers compassion and consideration for his patients.

Yealland on the other hand expresses no empathy or oncern for his patients which symbolises his self-indulged persona. Barker illustrates the opposing differences between both characters. Rivers is symbolised with being a fatherly fgure to his patients, his compassion for them is sincere as Rivers often puts his patients concerns before his. Even when Rivers is not in a session with a patient his mind is still on his work which shows his reflective mind set, he was thinking about prior’ this further reveals his selflessness and his commitment to his patients.

In contrast, Yealland is portrayed as a more cynical character he believes he has a ‘god-like’ authority over people, unlike Rivers Yealland appears not to be interested in his patients; he simply does not value them as individuals. By Barker having such contrasting characters, the reader empathises with Rivers rather than Yealland, as Barkers portrayal of Rivers is insightful and overwhelmingly positive. Barker signifies the extensive difference between the ways each Neurologist treats their employees.

Rivers values his staff and appreciates them and regularly embraces their assistance. Rivers staff show respect towards Rivers, this is highlighted when prior behaved unpleasantly towards Rivers. After witnessing Priors stubbornness and rude behaviour Sister Roger’s ‘lips tightened’ displaying her anger towards the way Rivers was being treated. On the other hand Yealland is presented as having great authority over his staff.

For example his Junior doctors are described as being ‘put through their paces’ this shows that Yealland is abusing his uthority, to the Junior doctors to give him a sense of power. Barker highlights Yeallands antagonistic attitude towards his staff further, as he does let them make any contribution to his work. He doe allows them to have any involvement as they are described as ‘hovered in the background’. This further shows how inferior he regards his staff and how their participation is unwanted. Barker defines the difference between the way Rivers and Yealland treat their patients.