Consumer perception

Baric projections Unreliable Award to use Low priced Poor value Fuzzy output Reliable Easy to use High priced Good value Sharp output Section II Perceptual Mapping technique • Derive their name from the fact that the output is a map of brands depicted in attribute space • Types of mapping procedure : 0 Rating of items on prescribed attributes Judgment on overall similarity of pair of brands Basis Attribute Rating Method VISIT Overall Similarity Method Attribute Rating Overall Similarity Method Brand rating on attributes Overall similarity ranking

Attribute prescribed by the analyst Definition of similarity left to respondent Statistical Technique Factor analysis Multidimensional Training Output Product positions on axes Relative product positions Best suited for Applications with “hard Categories dominated attributes” which can be by not easily articulated verbalized Input Data Section Ill Applying the maps in new • Different ways in which perceptual maps used are Understanding market structure 0 Perceptions of product concept Direction to R&D efforts to satisfy customers better

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