Compound and Vietnamese Word Formation

Compound Nouns in Vietnamese and English Commercial Texts A Contrastive Analysis Abstract Learning has always been a challenging process to obtain knowledge. This is undeniably true in studying economics in a different Premiums Words Pages Cross-cultural English and Vietnamese .

Introduction: Nowadays, nature plays an importance role in maintaining humans life and balancing ecosystem over the world. Both Vietnamese and British are aware of the importance of nature in their life. However, people of each country have different attitude towards nature. As a lover Premiums 595 Words Pages English and Vietnamese Adjective Phrases. PART A: INTRODUCTION 1 . Rationale. Nowadays, English is the most widely used in the world and plays an important role together with the development of society and technologies.

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English is not only the effective meaner of communication but also show its progressive effects in many aspects of life. P Premiums Words Pages A Contrast of Question Between English and Vietnamese Answer to Question 2: A Contrast Of Question Between English And Vietnamese Question is one of the types of sentence used with the high probability in the process of learning, teaching a language as well as in daily communication. We use it very often and naturally in our daily life because I Premiums Words Pages Unnaturalness in English Vietnamese Translation

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