Comparing the Characters: The Listeners and the Cremation

Abbey Compare characters from two different poems in this unit. In your response, describe the characters, the situations they face, and the things that they do. Then explain how they are similar in terms of traits and in the way readers feel about them. Write at least ten sentences Answer: Amongst the limerick poem of “The Listeners” and “The Cremation of Sam McGee,” there are astounding characters that depict unusual traits which make them unique.

Like the traveler who vowed to keep a promise, he was perceptively aware of the poky tower which encompassed all round him. Though he showed no fear or remorse of ever being attacked by a phantom as he knocked on the door! This character trait shows bravery and despite the fact that the humongous tower was insidiously occupied by apparition and haunted by ghostly whispers, the traveler would knock once more! When not an utter of sound was emitted, the traveler would speak, “Tell them! That I kept my promise! ” Likewise, a character of “The Cremation of Sam McGee” poses a rather similar character trait as well.

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Comparable to the traveler ho stopped at nothing from keeping his promise, the speaker of “The Cremation of Sam McGee” is left alone, and he knows he has made a promise that he must keep. Cremating Sam McGee in an icy land is not an easy task. When he sees a timber boat nearby, however, the speaker notices that it has crashed and decides to make his move. This character trait also shows bravery and a lot of gallantries as to fulfill his friend’s last wish. Finally, the speaker would attempt the unspeakable dare as he incinerates Sam McGee into ashes and cinders.

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