Child development

Children and young people’s development in the orphanage how did the good and the bad experiences influence their holistic development? Many influences contribute to a child’s development and behavior some children will have a problem like for example a disability where they cannot speak or write or walk and some will have behavioral issues in some families there are issues of money and family problems or abuse which will then lead the parent’s to put the child in an orphanage.

There was a documentary situated in Bulgaria which had hillier who were disabled or premature or even normal children who Just had speaking or writing problems but after coming to the orphanage had worsen. The children in this documentary where very weak and had no hope but to stay in this orphanage this lead them to worsen and others had also died because of the careless acts in the orphanage. The children in the documentary where beaten up, sexual abused and also where neglected which had a very bad impact on the children developing.

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Just because the girls looked small because of their prematurely UT in actually fact they where 19 or even more was undressed in front of everyone and also was took to have shower and the person who use to always use to take them to the shower was a male, this wasn’t right because disable people also have rights just because they have no intellect they can’t be treated like this. By looking at these children we think to ourselves that if these children where in our country they would get the more care facilities and respect also they would learn how to walk, talk and get involved in things as they are happier and are not abandoned.

Also when we looked at the ending of this documentary there was good news, two of the children parent’s had collected their children which was a very good thing to hear as there development had changed a lot, they were happier and had learnt how to socialism with get involve in other things this documentary teaches us a lesson it tell us that if the child if developing bad then they will not mix in with others and more likely to get ill and die but if the children are developing good then they will have a happier and teeter life which will then help them in the future because some children like to educate on more.

Overall the good influences to the children were them getting to know the world and the environment around them as they were Just children that were disabled and this tells us that they shouldn’t be treated differently because we should have equality amongst ourselves. The bad influences to the children were they were caged in and were abused and treated like they were not human beings which had a great impact on their development. Child development essay By shebang

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