Cherish life for what its worth

Page one Cherish life for what it is worth It was a beautiful summer day in August, slightly warm but had hence of rain in the air. The day seemed to be a ordinary day like any other, and it started out as such. My late husband and I were reorganizing our garage in our new house we recently had purchased a month earlier. I felt this was the start off new life for us; one that I could finally be proud of. In the earlier years of our relationship we had fought a lot and his cheating was a factor as well. That was all behind us now though; I thought.

To think this would be the last day of his life never crossed my mind. Throughout the day the garage started to take shape, it had been a very productive day. Then a phone call changed the mood and we began to fight. Offering to take his brother home he left; thinking the fight was over I decided to go to bed. Hours pasted and he arrived back at our home. I was wrong the fight was not over, it was enough. I told him wanted a divorce and we would never be happy again. I was right about us never being happy again, but wrong about the divorce.

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I would be a dido. In his rage he grabbed a gun, and shot himself. I heard the gun shot and ran to his side. There was nothing I could do, although alive still, I knew he wouldn’t make it. I called the police and waited, I remember it felt like a million years before they got to him. I held onto him and told him it would be okay. After the cops arrived and the reality set in, I thought about what had Just taken place. Thinking about what I could have done differently, I decided that little everyday things you fight over during the day are not important.

Life is too short to let the small stuff Brandy Williams Page two bother you. I changed my life and my mind set from this day on. I decided to love everyone close to me as much as possible, and never take for granted any of them. I learned to not get upset over things I can’t control because it will always get better. I also decided that my life and future is important and if I want it to be amazing I need to make it that way. I am in school now to be a pilot, the career I always dreamed of.

Every day I wake up ND get ready I am excited about what life has to offer that day. I see the sun, the trees, and the world for what it has to offer now. I also am in love with a amazing man, that I try and give my all too. I don’t let little stuff upset me, I listen to how he feels and try to make us as happy as I possibly can. I love life, but it took me losing a life to see it for what it is worth; so I try and share my experience with others so they to can see it for what it’s worth, without the tragedy. Cherish life for what its worth By Brandy-Williams

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