Change your lense and change your world

Change your lense and change your world

Change Your Lens and Change Your World The book starts with the story of the writer Facie Seal himself. The story concludes how a boy of sixteen years started supporting himself by teaching the primary classes and after getting married at the age of Just 17 with nothing in his hand to support him, he struggles very hard to fulfill his promise. Then he moves abroad for higher education for his family and come back after completing his education to serve his country. Still he was feeling something missing despite of having a good job.

Then after extensive soul search and self-analysis he finds that he was made for mom other purpose so he started guiding, leading, motivating people through different books, seminars, coaching classes and counseling. The story itself is very motivating and gives a lesson that one must continue his struggle in any condition and have faith in the Almighty. Then the writer clears a few myths about success by explaining the examples of successful people , how they faced problems and difficulties through their Journey to attain success.

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In the first chapter writer focuses on accepting the responsibility of one’s life. He believes hat the prime cause of failure is not accepting the responsibility of life and whatever good or bad the life of a person is; it is all due to the choices he has made. One must challenge the status and believe that he deserves the best, as he is unique. He should stop blaming and complaining and tell himself that I am consciously and willingly choosing the response to any situation or event. He must consider a fact that whatever response he chooses will have a major impact on his life.

As a whole an individual must totally accept the responsibility for his career, health, happiness, mime, past, present and future etc. In the second chapter the writer emphasizes that a person must know himself. Knowing oneself nears that a person must know who he is, why is he created and what are his preferences, liking and disliking in his life. He must understand the contribution that he can make towards his own life. Facie explain that one should never be a copycat and he must have a belief that I am unique and special and no one in this universe is like me.

One easy way to choose the career as well as a life purpose statement is to develop a hierarchy of preference. These preferences might include money, respect, appreciation, recognition and many more. In the third chapter the writer suggest that after soul searching and self-analysis the next step towards successful life is to define and develop a mission and a vision. One must understand that life without aim and vision is Just like a boy without soul and a flower without fragrance. He believes that the successful people go to their love not to their work.

Lives without dreams and vision will not be motivated enough to achieve something. Facie suggest that for define preferences one should list down activities that he enjoys. Then using these preferences and activities one should Attlee Nils Nilsson statement. Tater Tie Nilsson statement one must Attlee a career for him. After assuming the responsibility of life,discovering the purpose of life and setting up the vision, the forth chapter involves starting to think positively. One thing common in successful people is that they are extremely positive thinkers (optimistic).

Even after extreme sever condition they still believed that there is always sunshine after the thunderstorm. One must believe that there is some benefit from even each disaster. Always a high self-image can help a person thinking positively so developing a self image is crucial. The writer suggest that one must program himself for success by learning the vocabulary of success & by using big & positive words to express himself. One must keep believe in himself, his missions & dreams no matter what others think about him. In the fifth chapter writer explain that no matter how good the plan might be & how motivated a person is.

Nothing is going to happen unless a person takes some vital decision & convert his plans into action. For a start one person must developed a detailed plan for his mission. The detailed plan includes weekly/monthly activities & goals. One must take thoughtful decision & then he should stay very committed to his decision. For attaining success one vital thing is to bear pain & a sacrifice. A person must decide against a short-term benefits in contrast with the long-term benefits. One must save time for important vitiates & stay committed to make progress towards one’s mission.

To achieve success one must leave the comfort & expose himself to new challenges in the every field of life. The sixth chapter is all about facing the set backs & failures mainly. One must understand that the set backs & failures are God’s way of teaching a lesson & to make a person strong. There is always a hidden Opportunity in every disaster. The writer believes that there is no ultimate setback & there is always a silver lining after a cloudy night & that a person never fails unless he accept failure & stop trying. One must remember that major decisions of life are taken at the time of set backs & failure, not success.

Successful people bounce back stronger like a ball after hit by a wall. A person must see the set backs as a learning process. One should understand that he can never change the wind but can always adjust his sales according to the wind. The seventh chapter focuses that one should keep a strong focus on goals, staying determined & persisting with patience. Facie believes that focus towards goals should be strong enough to make him get out of bed early in the morning and going till late at night, a person must posses a strong will & determination to do what he wants to do in life.

So the patience & presence are the keys to success as the road o success is never easy. The writer believes that good relationship with people are the asset of successful people. One must learn to be social & live with people in a way that they love your presence. Spreading an idea & making a team of people who share your similar thoughts & beliefs will also help in the Journey. Considering people at your own level & status will also make a person a very acceptable member of the community. The eighth chapter is all about living with character.

Character is the foremost thing that will help a person in the society. There is a big preference in what “is right” and what “we like”, one must understand that difference. Honesty is the best policy so one must be honest to himself as well as to the others. Yale suggest Tanat one must Attlee certain principles AT Tie & teen en snouts always follow these principles, no matter what the situation might be and what people comment about them. One must be more concern about his obligations then his rights & before taking any decision a person must put himself in other’s boots.

The ninth chapter is all about living with a service attitude. The service attitude is to river the society by contributing in the welfare of it. Facie suggest that one should practice “law of giving” I. E more you want of something, more you give away of that. He believes that a lot of problems prevailing in the society are only due to the reason of “lack of service one should tallest spend 10 % of his income in welfare act. One should stop all the actions that are painful & cause discomfort to others. Those who are unable to help the society in monetary terms, they can contribute in the term of other services.

The last & tenth chapter is all about living in the way Allah Almighty has described. The writer says that you must believe that you need a very sincere friend to live a happy & peaceful life & that friend can be no better then Allah Almighty. Live in the way God has designed for you & leave the rest to him. No one has seen the future except Allah Almighty so one must involves him in decisions to have proper guidance & have blind faith in him. One must remember Allah Almighty in good times so that he can remember him in bad times too.

Never forget that a person prays for himself & not for Allah, so always seek his guidance and be handful at achievements as well as failures “The best thing I found about the book is its convincing style. The writer through different quotations & lives of successful people clear the myths about success & pathway to success in an excellent manner. The deep study of Facie about Islam and its preaching has also added elegance to this book. Each chapter of the book is very comprehensive. The book is written in a very easy language. As a whole the book is a perfect blend of Islam & its implications and a must read for everyone. ”

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