Boy In Striped Pajamas

Boy In Striped Pajamas

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is an extremely powerful film. Although it is full of twists and turns, every single character has a different viewpoint. In the end, however they all realize how inhumane and cruel concentration camps are. This is especially true for Bruno’s father. In the beginning of the movie, Bruno’s father is a bit cold-hearted and close- minded. He doesn’t realize that his own children would be curious as to what was going on behind their home. He doesn’t realize that the children in the concentration amps could have been their own if they haven’t had the luck that they do.

Unfortunately, Bruno’s father does get to experience the sharp pain of losing a son in the gas chamber. When this happens he finally realizes the pain that every other person felt when losing a loved one in the camp. I think this made him want to maybe make a change in his occupation. I think him having to see more people suffer as his son did would cause him even more unbearable pain. This movie contains many life philosophies, some are exceptional, and others are only applicable in the mindset of a German soldier.

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A person is a person no matter how small could be Pavel’s life philosophy when he helps Bruno who had fallen from the swing. Bruno and Gretel live by the philosophy “Respect your elders”. Bruno’s father goes by life by believing that “Jews are rats” and to “not treat them like humans”. Bruno also believes in doing whatever necessary in order to help his friend out whether it’s finding his father or sneaking him food. However, Bruno also believes in lying in order to avoid getting into trouble with his father, with the philosophy “Deny till you die”.

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