Biryani, why is it best food?

Biryani, why is it best food?

The food that I couldn’t live without As our world is developing with new ideas/technology and so does the demand grows for Indian IT skills globally. As days goes every chief is trying to bring new tastes into this world, so does the traditional cuisine of Indian subcontinent become more hot around world. A dish that’s origin is unknown, thus still loved by an overpopulated subcontinent not in millions but in billions, a dish that is considered amongst luxuries to the street food of Lahore.

The food that I couldn’t live without is “biryani” a very famous traditional Indian ubcontinent dish. This extraordinary taste has made me wonder what makes it so popular among these nation. So I have decided to follow its root, in search to know more about the food that I can’t live without by booking a flight to the royal capital city during Mughal era, Lahore. After a long 8 hour flight I took a rickshaw way to my home from international Allama Iqbal airport, named after national poet.

As the ricksha passed the crowded streets of lahore I could already feel my mouth-watering rom smell of the spiced chicken tikka being grilled that I was forced to stop and buy chicken tikka for 80 rupees, seriously its so dam cheap thats like less then 8kr in Sweden, something I would recommend you to try too if you visit India or Pakistan . As the sun rises the important mission starts for me, the search on ” biryani”. So what is biryani actually ?

To find all this I went to the best biryani chief I know, my mother, yes my mother who makes the best biryani I have ever eaten. Her biryani is made with traditional ingredients and with its traditional recipe. It would have been impossible for me to write about it if I havent tried it and its still so hard for me to explain the taste you get it’s Just so super yummy, with a lot of masalas(spice), chicken pieces, the reddish spice colour given to rice and the special ingredients of saffron that gives it a supper extraordinary oriental taste.

Right now i am writing this while I am drinking my masala chai under the roof of mirror chamber, where once an empress use to lit her candle and through reflection would light an entire hamber, it is said that she, the empress, who once went to the barrack and asked the chief to make food that has all nutrient and biryani was invented, its is also said this food is only for royals members. The biryani is so good that people will never get tired of it in other words its taste is abundance.

You will probably find biryani in every pakistani/lndian wedding and can even create a really heated debate who makes the best biryani. It has not only become part of our culture but it represent our culture worldwide. The food is so good that when the British left after 200 years they took biryani and other exotic food that was considered luxurious Just like once the tea from India was considered luxurious.

I am pretty sure if you ever try biryani you will fall in love with its taste given by colorful spices and if you ever want to try it, don’t try it in any restaurant located in Europe/America because it will never give you the real taste of Indian Subcontinent. Always go to its origin to experience it’s best tast. A dish that’s origin is unknown, thus still loved by an overpopulated