Be Who You Want to Be

Convocation address – Kiering Moser Thesis: Be who you want to be, everything & everyone else is secondary. Listen up everyone, l, Kiering Moser, am very shy. I sometimes may not be able to keep eye contact with someone for longer than 1 second, that’s right, 1 tiny little second. Even speaking to a relative is hard for me, no matter what we have endured together from long car rides to a family dinner or a drive up to the cottage. When it comes to conversation, I’m a shy guy but to tell you the truth, North Toronto has helped me overcome this dry self of mine.

I discovered that I was better than this, I could be however I wanted to be in high school and I wouldn’t let my shyness take over. I set out for extra curriculum’s and I had my sights set on a team. In Grade 10, I was still quite timid although without high expectations, I tried out for the tennis team. Made it with ease, and enjoyed the early morning (sometimes before the sun came up) practices at Davis Vile community tennis club. Tennis may have not been my cup of tea but hey, I tried it.

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This may have not have helped with my shyness but it made me feel like I was a part of something, it helped me develop a sense of self that made me believe I could be who I truly wanted to be. No restrictions on what I Join, or who I join with because I ultimately did it for myself. Sure, I may not have auditioned for Hot Air and become a hyper announcement volunteer before class but I gave tennis a shot with good old Mr…. Mendelevium.

A prime example of what I’m preaching here is don’t fall into the norm, go to that club meeting, go to that annoying class rep eating during late starts, go try out for a team even if you are going to get a football or bird smacked into your face. Point is, venture out of your comfort zone, be who you want to be. It’s as simple as that, no one else should matter and everything is secondary. Find a passion & go for it even if people look down on it. Who cares if the hater’s hate it or don’t think it’s cool?

Take my story as an example, I used my shyness as the determinant in all this but it can be anything, nervous around peers, scared to e you, it really doesn’t matter. I Joined a team and came out of my comfort zone to pursue something that interested me and I never stopped to think that what I was doing influenced anyone around me, because that’s not the deciding factor. At the end of the day, ask yourself if you pushed your limit, if the answer is yes, excellent work but keep striving to find you in your barely cracked shell. You’ll like what you see, I can promise you that. Convocation Address: Be Who You Want to Be By vituperated

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