ashely lebev

ashely lebev

Ashley Lebedev She is a 30 -year-old Artist & Fine Art Photographer, specializing in conceptual portraiture, abandoned buildings, and moodscapes. She is also a poet and a writer. Her favorite movie is Bright Star. Her favorite book is Water For Elephants. She was born in 1983. Ashley currently lives in Minneapolis. Before that, she lived in Minneapolis, MN from 2006 to 2007. Ashley Lebedev attended Norwood Ctrl High School in NORWOOD, MN and graduated class of 2001.

After attending school for Commercial Photography, Ashley chose to venture away from conventional hotographic style, and developed a taste for telling stories through her photographs. Her style is best described as “emotional”, “atmospheric” and “romantic”, brought to fruition with a very specific and continued emphasis on vintage eras, forgotten buildings, and texture work. In early 2008, Ashley made the decision to stop shooting commercial photography to focus entirely on her passion of being an artist, relaying her personal vision through photos. Ashley resides in Minnesota and is currently showing both locally and nationally.

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Ashley Lebedev is nlike any photographer I know. Her style is unforgettable. She tells stories with her art and leaves viewers feeling like they have been kicked in the gut (or the heart). She absolutely loves creativity and passion. Passionate people & passionate experiences really do it for her. She draws so much sustenance from everything around her. She draws an huge amount of inspiration from is the simpleness in nature. The best things in life really are free. The more she fills herself up with passion, simplicity, and nature the more she finds she can draw freely from own creative flow.

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