AP Human geography notes

Persian Charts: Ancient and Classical Civilization Analysis Throughout this course you will be asked to break down cultures and civilizations to a basic level that will allow you to recognize the most important characteristics and easily compare one civilization with another. This method breaks down a civilization or culture into seven components. For the first two chapters, go through the AP World History textbook, The Earth and Its People, and analyze each of the five ancient civilizations. Use the provided questions as a guide. Not every question will be answered for each civilization. Include specific and general information.

Then complete one each for the classical civilizations and Han China. Please Note: I am not expecting you to rewrite the textbook, but make sure you cover all necessary information. We will review the most important elements of each chapter as we go through the first period or Unit. Later these charts may be used to write a comparison essay. Topics and Chapters Mesopotamia (Chapter 1 pages 14-23) Egypt (Chapter 1 pages 23-30) Indus Valley (Chapter 1 pages Sang and Chou China (Chapter 2 pages 40-51) Elms and Shavings in the Americas (Chapter 2 pages 54-57) Classical Greece Classical Rome Han China Use the chart provided as a template.

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