An Unforgettable Episode of My Life

An Unforgettable Episode of My Life

An Unforgettable Episode of My Life At the moment I almost lost my mother….. This incident was happen to me when I was in H. S. C second year and my pre-test exam was knocking at the door. Because of this incident, I missed my pre-test exam. Suddenly, one day my mother is attacked by serious Belly pain. At that time I and my family members shift her to hospital. After that, the doctor gave some tests and I took it to the doctor and then the doctor informed me that that my mother needed an urgent operation.

To hear that me and my family members became very worried. The doctor also told me that she needed an urgent operation within one month. When my mother heard that news, she started crying. After that, I told my mother “Nothing to be worried mother, it’s a simple operation”. But all of us knew that it wasn’t a simple operation. In this operation mother could have faced life risk. After that, after that we decided to take her to India. My mother was so much worried about this operation, that One day she told me “l don’t want to do my operation here n India”.

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We insisted her but she didn’t agree with us. We stayed there about 15 days. After that we came back without doing the operation. After coming back from India, urgently we admitted her in a clinic that was in Khulna. After that, the doctor said us mfou will need 3 bags of blood, so arrange it”. We became worried about where to get the blood. Fortunately, me and one of my friends blood was matched with my mother’s blood, and the another bag , we collected from the blood bank. So the next morning, doctor fixed the operation date.

Next day, we woke up at Sam and then the doctor shifted my mother from our cabin to operation theatre (O. T). At that time I started to The operation started at 7am. We were very much tensed and we all prayed to God. About one and half hour the operation was running and we were waiting for the doctor answer. After that, the doctor came back and said that the operation was successful. To heard that all of us was very happy. We stayed about 19 days there and then we left the clinic and came back to our home.

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