On that day the twin towers got bomb barded into by two planes. They came crashing down and killing over 2,000 people that were working or anywhere near the twin towers at the time of impact. The culture of AY Qaeda: AY Qaeda has a very unique culture because they are very strict in their society also their qualities of living are very low. Men are valued a lot more than women are valued, it is a men dominated culture. The culture of US: In the US we eve much more freedom and women have equal rights as men.

We have the opportunity to do whatever we like to do with our lives. In our culture we can choose the religion that we would like to worship. The attacks on 9-11 were clearly not an accident. The people responsible for the attack were Islamic terrorist who worked for AY-Qaeda. Osama bin Laden was the head founder of the international alliance of terrorist. AY-Qaeda attacked many other countries but the attack on September 1 1, 2001 was the most horrendous attack on American grounds by far.

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One of the reasons AY-Qaeda set their sights on the US was because of the U. S foreign policy in the Middle East. The Arabic countries did not like that the U. S supported Israel and did not like the U. S foreign policies because they did not think that it was equal. A second reason that I came to conclude was that many people did not like US because it was a very well developed country and had a very strong economy. Their new could have possibly contributed to the attack on the Twin Towers.

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