Wholesaling strategy to reach profitable market share. Offering discounted prices with different product offering such as shoes and bags for a certain period of time for example, 5 % to 50 % discounts on selected items. Able to penetrate the market as it is cheaper than its competitor. Uses market skimming for example, white T-Mac shoes is being charged at a higher price than the other color of the same version. Taylor Madame’s premium price points in order to dominate its market. Faster product creation and production by improving infrastructure, processes and yester.

Investing more on the highest potential market and channels such as China and Russia. Focusing on three “attack” markets such as North America, Greater China, Latin America, Japan and I-J. Continuously refining distribution proposition with a strong focus on controlled space such as own retail. E-commerce, mono-branded franchise stores, shop-in-shops, Joint ventures with retail partners and co-branded stores. Royal sporting house, world of sports and sport slink are some of Adios’ outlets. Retailing space management to amplify Adios brands at Point of Sale transactions.

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Conduct warehousing for assurance of the safety and quality of its products. Rebooks retail strategic pillars. Rebooks partnership with Cross fit to introduce consumers to a new way of approaching fitness.

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