Today, it isn’t easy to choose a career. Hundreds of students pass various examinations every year and compete with one another for positions in the various careers which are not so many as there are applicants. With me, I like to choose accounting as my career. Accounting require you to be careful because the accountants always work directly with the numbers and accounting books. They are important documents before the law, they show the financial situation of the company and accountants are persons who do them. Many Jobs permit you have the mistakes, you can repair them but accounting is never.

If you have a mistake, you can’t undo it. Accountants are honest persons and good at accounting knowledge. They usually work with money of the enterprise. So, they must have the honesty with a lot of people and themselves. It is dangerous if they are lie persons. The economy is volatile, the government must also change the policies to suit and Vietnamese accounting law have many changes in the short time.. So they also often update their necessary knowledge. How do you want to become the perfect accountant? I think anyone also expect to become the sucessful person in life.

With accountant, ou need to be good at accounting. This is the result of the practice on the documents , accounting books and practical experience of your work. They shouldn’t stop learning predecessors to get more experience for them and they should take the initiative, creativity to advise leaders can make the right decision. Second , you must be proficient using Microsoft Office such as Excel , Access and you know how to use accounting software if you want to succeed in this Job. You can’t learn all of the accounting software on the market but you should know the basics of the Vietnamese ccounting software commonly.

Third, besides information technology, the accountant also need good foreign language can be English or Chinese.. to be able to communicate with customers and partners from abroad. Fourth, You haven’t stopped your efforts to work with passion in hours continuously. Fifth, The good accountant should be able to answer any question from tax officers when they come to your company to check all accounting activities. You can’t become a good accountant if you aren’t enough experience in conversation to work with them.

Finally, If you are studying accounting degree, you can work part-time or internship in the accounting firm during the years studied. The accountant of small company different from one of big company. If you work at the small company, you will do all things of accounting. In this company, your boss has never to hire over one accountant. Therefore, from purchasing materials to payment goods and making report you have to do every day. You can know how to check prices, you can make a lot of relationship with other companies and many things else.

If you work for the big company, you will work professionally. In the acounting department, they hire many staffs to arrange for positions such as: Tax accountant, internal accountant, financial accountant, cost accountant, salary accountants, general accountant and chief accountant. One of them do every part of accounting works, then the general accountant will link those works and the chief accountant will check them again, the chief accountant instructs the staffs wrong things when they have mistakes. Accouting is the importants position in the company