A Summary of Bronson Methodist Hospital

All achievements that they got is because of the 3 CSS strategy of the Broncos Methodist Hospital (BMW) the Clinical Excellence, Corporate Effectiveness and the Customer and Service Excellence. They create an excellent organization because Broncos Methodist Hospital (BMW) is deliver an excellent service with a high quality of care to their customers and they focuses in customer needs. It’s important to listen to their needs because it will take lead to customer loyalty.

Also they became a leader in technology, BMW is invested ever $28 million to their facilities, equipment and high quality of information technology. When it comes to committing to the workplace, BMW is focused on becoming the employer of choice in their region. BMW employees became excellent in their workplace because their staff members has financial assistance, the benefits of the employees and they give scholarships to their young employees who wants to pursue their college degrees they would sponsor the tuition and books of the employees in the BMW.

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Therefore, all of the employees in BMW will be motivate to do an excellent work in their respective position. The BMW is taking care of their staff members because they want to be in the top and to be well known hospital. BMW is distinguished as a best practice because of their many accreditation and the quality rating organization. Also, they reduce the waste and pollution in the environment, BMW is received Environmental Leadership Award. Broncos Methodist Hospital is the best hospital because of their excellent ideas and works.

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