A Decisive moment

A Decisive moment

A Decisive moment BY blatse97 a decisive moment As the car pulled up to the detached two-storey house, Quinn got an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. The house was almost trembling due to the volume of the music playing inside and intoxicated bodies loitered at the front door and on the front lawn of the house. The sight only confirmed Quinn’s decision not to drink. “This looks amazing! ” Quinn’s friend Molly squealed. Looking at Molly, Quinn immediately felt underdressed. Molly sported a low-cut t-shirt paired with leather short shorts and heels so high she towered over Quinn.

Quinn opted for a safer option, wearing skinny Jeans, a sparkly top and her favourite flat pumps. As they walked into the house Quinn winced at how loud the music was. Soon the were approached by a man with shaggy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. “Hello ladies, I’m Jake and this is my party. ” Jake said with a grin. Molly giggled girlishly at him while Quinn gave him a tight smile. “Would you like me to introduce you to everyone? ” Jake asked. Molly nodded vigorously at him while Quinn Just tagged along. Jake led the two girls into a room with three other men in it.

Quinn felt apprehensive Just looking at them. She knew that she shouldn’t have been there since she was still only in her sophomore year in high school and this was a college party that Molly had dragged her to. When they sat down the men immediately pulled out small bags filled with white powder. Quinn felt her breath hitch, she knew it was drugs. The men offered her some but she politely declined. Molly happily accepted even though she had never taken drugs before. Quinn nudged Molly trying to knock some sense into her but Molly Just turned, looked Quinn up and down and said, “prude”.

Quinn’s heart sank, this wasn’t her best friend. She got up and stormed out of the room. Not knowing where she was going she ended up sitting by herself in the back garden. All ofa sudden the music stopped and there were shouts from inside. Quinn heard things like “Call an ambulance! ” and “No! We’ll get busted! “. Curiosity got the best of her as she made her way inside. She pushed her way through a cluster of people to find Molly seemingly unconscious on the floor. Everyone Just stood and looked at her. Quinn still felt anger towards her for treating her the way she did but she was still her best riend.

Quinn decided to help Molly. She called an ambulance and then Mollys parents. She made one of the men carry Molly outside the house into the fresh air and wait for the ambulance. No less than five minutes later the ambulance arrived and the paramedics lifted Molly into the back. When the paramedic asked who was travelling with her Quinn immediately said she was. Once at the hospital Mollys parents met them. They immediately questioned Quinn, but she told them that she would let the doctors explain as she wasn’t sure.

Two hours later a nurse came out nd told them that Molly was in a stable condition, that she was extremely lucky that Quinn called an ambulance as soon as she did and that she should be awake the next day. Later that night as Quinn lay awake in bed she thought back over the nights events. She had gotten in a lot of trouble with her parents who hadn’t known where she was that night but she thought, it was so much better helping Molly and getting caught than if she had left Molly on the ground in the hands of the college students. Quinn vowed never to attend another college party again until she, herself was in college.