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Karlene Fontilio 2013

(1.1) As drama tutor I conduct initial assessments and checks throughout sessions to completion, adhereing to current legislative requirements. Before, during, after sessions I complete hall check, firealarm procedures, broken appliances, filling, learners infomation, risk assess, disability access etc.. these follow acts.. Health and Safety at Work Act 1995, Disability Discrimination Act 2001, Child Protection, Data Protection 1998. Also encourage Learners to be involved in group learning process under the promotion of inclusion, Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relation Act 1976, Human Rights Act 1998. I follow the Codes of Practice help me to identify learners needs, provide services, safeguard their welfare as myself through life long learning, learning cycle, following Children??™s Act 2004, Every Child Matters: Being Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution, and Achieve Economic Well ??“Being.

(1.2.) I provide opportunities to ensure learners from all cultures feel welcome, this inclusion would promote Quality, Valuing Diversity and through life long learning cycle and discussions Im able to evaluate and access appropriate support for learners. Equality is about the rights of learners to have access and participate in their chosen learning subject, regardless of their age, ability and any circumstances or any other individual characteristics they may have. Developing groundrules also establishes a common ground. Equality Act replaces all precious antidiscrimination legislations and consolidated it into one act for England, Scotland and wales.

(1.3) My primary role is to help learners to achieve completion of drama course. I do this through using the principle stages of the Teaching Training Cycle which are Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Consultation and Action plan. eg I use photograph/pictures, young people will be split into groups and describe what the pictures is telling them, it could be sad, lonely, thinking etc This enables me to take individual needs into account and through observation, identify barriers/challenges. I would then devise a suitable learning plan in such a way involves and engages learner(s). I encourage ethnicity and diversity, as it??™s important for me to gather information, to see which the best effective method of teaching. Where regular discussion would take place I would observe, hand out relative information, simple questionaire forms, corlateing feedback on learning plan and, record it as evidence.
(1.4) I would conduct initial assessments by playingacting doing short senarios on quick ideas from the learners, prior- warm ups, to get blood circulation going and break the ice. E.g. playing names game getting to know each other, building confidence and self-esteem. This will help to identify how learners feel, whether lack of confidence, motivation, or feel unvalued or just unsure of other learners. This could be English as second language, dyslexia, or personal problems, this initial method will provide me with important details to form a plan of assessment using stages of the teaching cycle, which will be revised and monitored. I will be able to make any adjustments in order to use different assessment that will help learner??™s needs eg photocopying hand- out onto different colours paper. Promote equality and diversity, to meet professional standards (Domain f) source and of information support guidance, to which young people might be referred to. (This is in line with equality opportunity 2004) planning is also import for me this is to ensure young people needs are taken care of.

(2.1) Its important for me to liase with other proffessioal bodies. beyond my boundaries i.e. Social workers, Counciliors, maintenance workers, police, administrators, etc.. From time, I will refer to them for their specialist help and what I may encounter as a teacher demands aid and referrals to the relavant professional whether it be faulty appliances (Health and safety 1976), or keyworkers one-to-one from knowing what advice to give, not to demonstrate any favorites toward student, Lack of resources broken or faulty equipment, student expectation, knowing what advice can or can??™t be given, lack of support from colleagues and lack of access to resources, demand from managers. Boundaries must and is in. place – referring to the institute for learning (IFL) code of Professional Practice (2008) which outlines the behaviours expected of teachers.

(2.2) Learners will have different needs and challenges to learning that may effect attendance and achievements, example depression, dyslexia. I have look at stages of the pyramid (Marlow??™s Hieharcie) with the most basic human need at the base, self ??“actualization at the top As a teacher I would need to plan a suitable course of action to help young person or referred them to appropriate specialist. As a drama tutor I will need to identify their needs by initial assessment, highlighting their difficulties. I would build a table this will enable young people to change subjects ie not spending time on the same subject can cause boredom and distracting, by keeping their motivation they can enjoy and achieve, as each indivual child learns at different pace at different rate. Through staff meetings discuss with learners to identify needs and possible referrals, ie external agencies abuse, alcohol. Website etc. Working towards a schedule to suit the Learner??™s needs.
(2.3) I must always remain professional when in contact with others and not over step boundary of my role. I am expected to lead by example, also important for me to treat staffs and outside agencies in the same manner, ie negativity from members of staffs, body language, facial expression and conflict, this will cause a negativity on the class as students will notice what going on, this can cause young people to spread news around, this highlight the profession to me, I have to work alongside people and may not see eye to eye but I must always remain impartial.
(3.1) I would find a suitable learning environment that is crucial for effective learning to take place, a calm and supportive attitude I give to the learners, ie had a bad morning, health and safety must be taken into account and reported, ie toilets and refreshments area should be suitable for everyone. I am always punctual which promotes respectabilty.

(3.2) I would set disscusion for ground rules to ensure that all students can safely work and learn. Discuss with Learners how they feel at end of every session which promotes reflective learning.Classroom management is also essential so that all young people staffs and outside agencies are aware of the rules and regulation which will demonstrate to young people that everyone follows and adheres to boundaries which are made clear.

Ann Gravells Passing PTLLs Assessments 2nd Edition London 2012
Achieving your PTLL Awards 2nd Editiion Mary Francis
Jim Gould. London /2009/2010/2011

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