Assignment 1

Assignment 1


This report provides information about a photo voltaic Company which was obtains via Internet.
You will find information about company called Mp ??“ Tec which is German company.
Also there is some information about strong & weak point of this company.

General Information

Company: MP-tec
Wilhelm-Conrad-Roentgen Str. 10-12
16225 Eberswalde

General Manager: Michael Preissel

Founding: 2002

Employees: 75

Products: photovoltaic systems
Solar systems
Solar carports

Turnover: 80.000.000 Euro (2010)
Legal form: GmbH & Co.KG

Strong & Weak points

In the Table below you can see some of the strong and weak point of the company.

Strong points Weak points
Young, innovative Company.
Their products are for private persons and also for business companies. There are many companies on the market.
This technology is absolutely necessary and future-oriented. Renewable energy systems are not funded by all states.
Many countries are not so developed in solar technologies than Germany.
In times of environmental protection is solar energy a very good solution.

Why Mp | Tec

Why we choose this company
Everyone talks about new and reliable energies. The oil becomes rare and coal also. There are some reasons for the new and reliable energies like e.g. the coming problems with nuclear power and the danger of radiation. Fukushima is a small town near the coast of Japan, everybody should know since the 11th of March 2011, and also the best example what could and ultimately would happen if we don??™t use the energies of the future. So we think, that the people need renewable technologies like wind turbine, solar fields and photovoltaic systems. The photovoltaic system only needs the sun to create power and nobody gets hurt in this process. There are also some supports programs by the government in the year of 2009 in Germany and these supports will be coming in the Netherlands and Australia this year. MP-Tec is a German producer of this new photovoltaic-system. The reasons why we chose MP-Tec are for example, that this company founded only in the year of 2002. So MP-Tec is a young and innovative company. Another reason is, that MP-Tec is not one of the largest companies, but neither one of those small in Germany. A conclusive for that is, that MP-Tec only has 75 employees. Another reason for MP-Tec is the turnover. In the year 2010 they made 80 million dollars. One more reason for MP-Tec is, that they are located in Eberswalde. This is a really small town in ???Brandenburg???-Germany. So we can talk about the German quality work.

Countries for research

European countries:

– France
– Netherlands

Why !!
Non-European countries:

– Turkey
– Australia



Electronic Sources