Art Appreciation

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Art Appreciation
Unit 3 IP
Diana Robbins
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Shakara Owens

The Encounter with the Damned in the Pine Forest was a Renaissance Painting done by Botticelli, whose story of Nastagio Degli Onesti was done in the 4 frescos. The painting message showed Nastagio, the story??™s character being rejected by the lady that he has admired, and he then retires in the pine forest. A knight appears on horseback who has been hunting the naked women with hounds, and Natagio takes a women with hounds, and Natagio takes branch from a tree to protect the women that rejected him but the still lover her. (E.H, Gombrich)
The painting was done as an oil painting canvas. The painting showed me that as a form of art, the scorned and despair still was able to have love for the women who rejected him, but while being hunted by men who wanted to kill her he came to her. I felt that the subject matter was showing how love can conquer over rejection. And the content being that when you are faced with the danger the one you hurt, can become your Knight in shiny armor. This period of Renaissance art, continued to show women either being hailed as a superior being or a tragic figure. Darkness surrounding most of the backgrounds with a romantic feeling still embraced in the artwork.
Sandra Botticelli Birth of Views painting was completed in 1480 and from the painting, I would say that the painting subject matter was depicted she who is Venus, as the goddess of love born from the sea. The content shows that she was blown to shore by couple which is represented by the couple symbolizing the wind. Venus is then represented by Spring. The background is decorative and described as flat, not fully three dimensional but flat, it is said that the painting represents the posture and gestures of modesty that could have been inspired by the third century

B.C.E. Greece Roman sculpture of Venus that Botticelli probably seen in the Medici Family Collection. It??™s said, that Sandra Botticelli was inspired after reading descriptions by Lucian, a 2nd Century historian, of a masterpiece by Apeles called Anadyomene Venus, Anadyomene meaning rising from the sea. Frank, P (2010)
The picture can be thought of as a goddess being combined with the classical Greek thinking as a human figure with the renaissance concern for thought and feeling. I didn??™t feel that either painting showed any type of structure and contrast from my imagination, I only viewed Birth of Venus as a celebration of life, and the Encounter with Damned in the Pine Forest as tragic and despair. Some of the similarities between the paintings of the Encounter with Damned in the Pine Forest is both pictures portray a woman naked. One shows the women being purified in her presence of no clothing as goddess who is being accepted as a higher supreme.
The other painting shows the woman bare but lying hunted and in terror of her life but being rescued by the vary man who loved her and she rejected. The other similarities showed both being shown during the early renaissance picture with mid darkness as a backdrop. This period had quite a bit of nude women as inspirations for painting during this period. Finally, both pictures were done with oil on canvas. The differences with these two paintings are opposites in color, style, setting and content. The painting of the Birth of Venus also has two versions on how she was birthed.

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