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In 2012 there are still rivers of social issues that plague adolescents from teen pregnancies to gang culture violence in the inner cities. One teacher asserts that, this is one of the most fascinating cities to live in.??? However, I have noticed that the streets are full of violence, and home invasions are a common […]

Arguement Paper

Running Head: ADR Clause Argument Paper University of Phoenix Abstract: The Learning Team Charter is a living document that helps guide the learning team by providing insight to the expectations of the team members as well as ways to resolve potential problems. The use of an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) clause in the charter provides […]


Notes on Argentina (16th Century) 1. During the Colonial period (16th century), Argentina was not its own country but rather an indigenous nation of nomadic civilization. Many indigenous groups populated what is now Argentina at the beginning of the 16th century. a. Unique: they were a civilization, the Spanish first explored 2. In this Epoch, […]

Educational Technology

Executive Summary Educational technology, also known variously as e-learning, instructional technology and learning technology is the use of technology to support the learning process. Though technology is used widely in the administration and management of education (i.e. student records, marketing, procurement, finance etc, for research purposes, educational technology is only concerned with technology as it […]

Educational Resources for Early Years Child Development

Purpose The purpose of a baby mobile is to entertain and stimulate child development, their eyesight, and to help prevent the baby from having a flat head at the back. It is also a moving object for the baby to develop its hand and eye coordination whilst in its crib/cot. Brief Entertainment for children is […]


During the Trojan War Ares fought on the side of the Trojans against the Greeks, as a show of support for his lover Aphrodite. This did not let the other Olympians like him any better except for Apollo, supported the Greeks. He attacked Athena and she reached down and picked up a rock and smashed […]

Area of Study

Belonging Essay (Area of Study) “No man is an island.??? This quote from John Donne, means that human beings do not thrive when isolated from others. ???It is essential for the health of all human beings in society to experience a sense of belonging???. Belonging is the human need to be an accepted member of […]

Educational Research Article Review

Interview Assignment Rebecca Whitehill Liberty University Introduction After interviewing four children ranging in age from preschool to high school, the importance of understanding their social, moral and emotional development was made apparent. Throughout the course of these interviews, the different developmental stages are explored by having the children answer five open-ended questions. Interview #1 The […]

Area of Study Speech Change

The Area of study that I have undertaken thus far has been ???Change??™ and through the texts of the famous poet, Robert Browning, we explore the concept of change and how ultimately this change affects us and the things around us. Good evening students and teachers. Through this speech today I will explain how the […]

Educational Psychology 101

Peter Papilos 2273207 First Essay ??“ Due 230401 EDST 1101 ??“ Educational Psychology Tutor ??“ Slava Kayluga There a few articles involved when discussing instruction, cognitive structure and development. Some of these are the various models that portray the overall outlook of cognition, the assorted experiments used to show that human cognitive architecture has some […]